Irish trip
20 avril 2012 / La vie au lycée

Irish trip

The 3 classes, TBP PSPA, MVA 3, MVA 2 and 3 pupils from CAP1 CSI took part to this trip from April the 10th to the 16th , 2012.

         A coach started from Vendôme to Cherbourg port. The crossing lasted 18 hours to arrive to Rosslare.

         Going to Galway, we stopped 2 hours in Limerick to walk on the tracks of Frank Mc Court, the 2007 Pulitzer Prize.

         In Connemara, we drove among a few of the 4000 lakes, we visited a reconstitution of a 1850’s farm, and we had lunch in the capital, Cliffden. We also studied the turf process.

         Then we spent 2 days in Dublin, where we went shopping, sightseeing, to St Patrick’s Cathedral, the National History Museum and of course, we had a sip at Jameson’s distillery. In Dublin streets we tried to win French kisses from pretty Irish girls. We were very successful!!!

         At night, we tried to learn Irish tap dance, but we were less successful in spite of our deep motivation.

         On the way back to Rosslare, we stopped in Wexford Museum, to study the origins of the first Irish settlement.

         We had a wonderful time and a lot of fun.